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Elvin Turner: Be Less Zombie - Create Dynamic Innovation, Fearless Leadership and Passionate People

Cultivating Potential Podcast Episode 7

In this episode, Karen interviews Elvin Turner about in his book Be Less Zombie: How Great Companies Create Dynamic Innovation, Fearless Leadership, and Passionate People.

Elvin Turner is an executive advisor and associate professor of innovation, entrepreneurship & creativity at several business schools.

Elvin has coached and facilitated hundreds of strategy and innovation programs around the world for companies including Universal, Telefonica, Cisco, O2, Santander, and Accenture.

Elvin's work spans consulting, facilitation, conference speaking, leadership development, and coaching.

His experience extends from working with new and disruptive technology start-ups to seasoned leadership teams inside conservative, global institutions.

To connect and learn more

Be sure to connect with Elvin Turner on LinkedIn and grab your copy of his book Be Less Zombie.

Also, be sure to connect with host Karen Zeigler on LinkedIn where she talks about the future of leadership - leading by design. Learn to use the innovative leadership principles of design thinking to transform the future of how your company works. You can also check out more of her content on her Youtube channel.


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