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Our Consulting Approach

Unlike, many consulting firms, we are not the experts in your business or a specific area of your business - you are. In the world of problem-solving, being an expert automatically puts the answer to your problem inside a box of their design. And in-the-box solutions are not innovative solutions. Instead, we approach your challenge(s) with three critical perspectives that ensure innovative solutions uniquely designed for your business. Those three perspectives are:

  1. beginner's mind

  2. design thinking

  3. teacher coach approach

Beginners mind

"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's there are few." - Suzuki Roshi

The disruptors in business today prove extraordinary innovation happens when there is a combination of people who know too much with those who know too little. You know your business, competition, strengths, and weaknesses and have a keen vision of where you want to take the company. Combine that knowledge with our beginner's mind and talent for problem-solving, discovery, and creativity to open the door to an opportunity to disrupt your market.

Design Thinking

"Design thinking is a human-centered approach to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success." -Tim Brown, CEO of Ideo

In a world where companies are providing similar products and services, Fortune 500 companies (like those below) use design thinking to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Design thinking is a method of creative problem solving that starts and ends with the users and their experience. Whether you're looking to improve how you serve customers, engage employees, or partner with suppliers - design thinking is the human-centered approach for innovation improvement.


Teacher-Coach Approach


"A great teacher delivers valuable knowledge. A great coach unlocks what's valuable to maximize" potential and performance." -Karen Zeigler

Our goal is to deliver design thinking tools and teaching that unlocks the innovative geniuses that already exist within your enterprise. Then maximize their potential by coaching them through a challenge unique to your company. Ultimately, elevating company performance through new innovation. See our "Hire" tab for the various services we can provide.


Meet Consultant - Karen Zeigler

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It sounds odd to say, but a few years ago I hadn’t heard of design thinking.  I found myself in a very disappointing place.  I had been searching for purpose and meaning for the majority of my professional life. In the rearview mirror were four succinctly different careers (management, financial advisor, writer/coach/speaker, non-profit founder) none of which had provided the fulfillment and meaning I had hoped for.


It was then I decided to make personal use of a specific coach certification I had acquired. I meticulously went through Simon Sinek’s Start with Why coaching materials for myself.  One particular exercise asked that I review certain periods throughout my life when I was at my best and doing my best work. What surfaced, in every profession without exception, was what I affectionately called “the track my brain runs on.” It was the epiphany that began the journey to start a consulting business around that creative problem-solving process where I flourish.


Even though I now knew what my gifts were and how I intended to serve others with them, I wasn’t sure how to convey them. Unless you’re a singer, artist, or athlete recognizing your gift isn’t easy. And explaining it proves even more difficult. We don’t think about our natural wiring and what it means…we just automatically do it without thinking. Faced with the complexity of explaining the creative problem-solving process I do naturally, I took to the internet. It was in researching how to present these key elements that I discovered this “track my brain runs on” is known in the business world as design thinking.


Right away the next step was clear – achieving the credentials in the area of my natural wiring. I immediately enrolled in a post-graduate program in Innovation and Design Thinking. In the first class, I knew I was in the right place. It was the feeling I had been searching for decades to find. In a mysterious way, you could say I had come home.

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