Speaking & Workshops

Inspiring speaker for your next leadership event

Organizations today are faced with the incredible challenge of developing a strong leadership bench, increased adaptability in a fast-changing world, and creating innovative capabilities that keep them relevant in the marketplace. Compounding the leadership and external factors is that employees are demanding their work be as human-centric focused as their clients' service. Meet their needs, or they move on.


To succeed going forward requires a reinvention of traditional leadership thinking, which Karen defines as “Leading by Design.” Today, equipping leaders with the innovative principles of design thinking create innovative ecosystems within the organization, making it resilient enough to handle anything.


In her speaking presentations, Karen draws upon her 20+ years of experience as a high-performing leader in the financial services industry and non-profit world to deliver an inspirational message of what an innovative human-centered business can accomplish.


Leadership Challenge Workshop

This workshop tackles the most mission-critical challenge your team or business unit is facing through the lens of design thinking. Whether that challenge falls under people, processes or performance the Leadership Challenge Workshop sets you up for success.  Here are just a few of the experiences you can expect with this workshop.


  • Leader coaching session to develop a clear vision that pulls your team forward. Ensuring you avoid the human tendency to choose “away from” goals that falter and fizzle out quickly.

  • Pre-workshop user experience interviews. With a clear vision leading the way, Karen conducts user experience interviews (leader and up to 25 people). Introducing you to the first and second steps of design thinking utilizing empathy to define the obstacles standing in the way of the vision. 

  • Delivery of a workshop that covers the missing links and unpacks the power of design thinking to move forward to innovative solutions that have the buy-in of everyone.

Creativity Unleashed Workshop

In our Creativity Unleashed Workshop, we focus on helping leaders tap into the unlimited creative potential of their employees. Beyond tips for being innovative, we support leaders and their team members in uncovering their unique creative gifts. Here are just a few of the experiences you can expect


  • Explore real-time work scenarios and routines that the team uses.

  • Examine the creative gifts of individual team members based on personality type.

  • Job craft the strengths of each person and where they are underutilized

  • Utilize the power of design thinking to redesign work to increase performance, raise engagement, improve job satisfaction and reduce employee turnover rates.

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