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Executive Services

C-Suite Design Thinking Mastermind

Even before the pandemic, the #1 skill for C-suite Executives was design thinking. However, what was nice to know became an absolute need to know for executives during the pandemic. No longer can innovation be isolated in a single department. It must become part of the ecosystem within the organization. That is the aim of the Design Thinking Mastermind.


This mastermind takes learning from the classroom and into the c-suite, where executives will learn the innovative leadership principles of design thinking in real-time with the real challenges they face. In this quarter-long mastermind, executives will discover each of the five phases of design thinking in a flow of learn-work-integrate flow. Thus, this hands-on experience equips leaders to take significant steps towards their vision, allowing challenges to dissolve as they confidently move forward.

Team Meeting

Innovative Boardroom

The days of boardroom responsibilities solely being about compliance, governance, and shareholder profits are long gone. Instead, boards are responsible for multiple stakeholders in today's competitive environment, the company's effect on the environment, and more. This complexity requires innovative leadership, techniques, and foresight that traditional boards didn't need.


In this service, Karen brings the power of innovative leadership principles of design thinking to create a clear purpose and path towards the company's vision. Whether you are looking for clarity and alignment in the short term or a more constant infusion of innovation, Karen is the addition to your board room to achieve success. 

Interim Executive

The search for talent can be a long and rigorous one. However, business units don't have to fall behind during your search. Maintain forward movement with an executive skilled in the innovative principles of leading by design. During this 3-6 month period, our consultant will ensure training, performance and mission critical elements of the business unit are addressed, innovated and elevated so that the new leader arrives ready to move forward.

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