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Innovation Initiatives

Design led powerhouse

Design-led companies outperformed the S&P by 228% over the past 10 years. Design is no longer focused on product or service innovation but is the very innovative leadership principles of the most successful companies. Let us help you bring these leadership principles to every level within your company. 


At the completion of the C-suite Design Thinking Mastermind, Karen works with your company to develop a train-the-trainer program that takes the innovative leadership principles of design thinking to every management level. From executives to front-line managers, leadership is equipped to quickly solve day-to-day problems and move to creating innovations to carry your organization into the future.

Clapping Audience
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Human-centered Change Initiatives

Traditional techniques of change management fail at the rate of 70%. Is it any wonder when the most popular model is 40 years old. Time for a new human-centered approach to change initiatives. Design thinking does for change what open source has done for software.


Regardless of the change you are seeking to make within your organization creating buy-in happens when employees are all-in on the change. Utilizing the process of design thinking you tap into where the need for the change meets the needs of the employees. Where these two needs connect creates a spark of creativity that dissolves obstacles standing in the way, unleashes the solutions and quickly moves from idea to execution.

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