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Why Self-Care and Creativity Align for Increased Innovation

Video transcript

All the innovations of 2020 have you exhausted. In this video, you learn why that is and 7 reasons why your innovation and self-care goals align. If you want to improve (aka innovate) anything, you must be willing to start with yourself. Here is a list of reasons why self-care should move to the top of the list if innovation is a priority for your enterprise.

  1. It quiets the logical left-brain mind. #Creativity is birthed in the right-brain & innovation or creative #problemsolving doesn’t happen without it.

  2. It allows for the flow of inspiration. With the left-brain quieted, inspiration has an easier ability to flow in.

  3. It requires/improves focus. Whether it’s exercise or a hobby, the focus is improved & enhanced through self-care practices.

  4. In slowing down we are able to speed up. Think of it as recharging your innovation batteries.

  5. It reduces stress. It’s quite common to make poor decisions when making them under stress. With the nature of innovation, who wants to increase their failure rate.

  6. Shown to increase compassion. When we care for ourselves better we can better care for others. A key component of #leadership & also a key component of step 1 #empathy of #designthinking

  7. It helps you get into the rhythm of effort and rest. A rhythm that is the nature of creativity.


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