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Revive Declining Performance: An Easy Exercise for Stressed Leaders to Transform Defeated Employees

In need of a transformative shift

Declining performance, disengaged, and defeated employees got you stressed? 😤 Worse yet, are they affecting the team, piling on more stress? 🤦🏼‍♀️ Look no further. The downloadable pdf below offers a simple exercise that can provide the transformative shift that you've been looking for within yourself and also within your low-performing employee. So go ahead and schedule that meeting with the employee that you've been dreading. In less than 5 minutes of reviewing the PDF below, you'll be prepared for this transformative encounter. In two meetings, you'll have guided your employee to an awareness of what is blocking their performance and be well on your way to co-creating the future performance and work experience you both desire.

Transform Declining Performance Exercise
Download PDF • 4.29MB

Multiply the transformation

Knowledge is power, but knowledge shared is power multiplied. Practicing the above technique is powerful, and hopefully, you have tapped into the power of it. Now it's time to multiply your power by sharing it. Forward the pdf (or this blog) to a colleague, enlist my services to share the power of leading by design with your cohorts, share your positive experience in a review on Linkedin or Google, or schedule a complimentary chat to explore how we might design a collaboration that serves your needs.


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