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Policy, process,
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Performance declines over time without innovation

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Innovation from the Inside Out

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Our #1 priority at Designed for Innovation Consulting is your satisfaction. Which means we stand by our service 100%. Cancel a contract within 30 days of the project start or a workshop within 14 days and receive a money-back guarantee*.

Your happiness is guaranteed.

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*Minus an hourly fee for time invested + non-refundable travel expenses

Ask Me Anything

Leaders face new challenges almost daily. And each new challenge brings new opportunities for innovation when using the innovative principles of design thinking. Karen answers your questions every Thursday at 11 a.m. EST in her "Ask Me Anything" segment. How can she help you harness the power of leadership, design thinking, and innovation to move forward with your current challenge?

Our Services

When things inside an organization aren't working, clients turn to Designed for Innovation Consulting. ​Karen brings clarity to confusion, a gift of synthesizing varying perspectives into a unified vision, and delivers innovative solutions that meet the needs of all.


Regardless of whether you choose custom workshops, executive services, or company-wide innovation initiatives, you'll achieve your goal and more. In every service, Karen delivers you'll experience improvements in the depth of your leadership bench, increased adaptability to today's pace of fast change, and improved innovative capabilities to stay relevant in the marketplace.

Keep scrolling for an overview of each of the types of services. 

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Test the waters 

Consulting is like taking up a new hobby. It can be scary trying something new. Will I like it?  What if it isn't a good fit? It's impossible to know all the answers, but you have this nagging feeling that if you don't give it a try that you'll regret it. So you choose to test the waters with the least risk possible. That's what our speaking engagements and custom workshops do for you. Giving you the opportunity to test the waters before you dive in.

Start at the top

Innovation is like mountain climbing. Best accomplished with a team.  The expedition leader doesn't give you a manual and a good luck pat on the back and send you off on the climb. On the contrary, the leader is climbing their mountain alongside their team members.

Our executive services give top executives the tools of innovation. Equipped to climb their mountains, they lead their teams in climbing theirs.

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Services for Executive Teams


The sky is awe-inspiring when every star is shining brightly

On a clear night, the starry sky is awe-inspiring. That is unless your view is obstructed by big buildings and glaring city lights. Inside an organization, our lights become dim when our people aren't shining their brightest. Our policies, procedures, and processes are an obstruction. And innovation is the focus of a single planet (aka department) and not the entire galaxy (aka organization). 

If awe-inspiring is your goal then our company-wide innovation initiatives are what you're looking for. 

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