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Unlock the Gold Workshop: Design Thinking + DEI = Performance Gold

DEI failure = Performance failure

According to HR Brew, less than 1% of the $67 billion in corporate pledges to DEI made in 2020 has been spent. Yet while companies think they are saving that money by not spending it, they are losing. And losing big time. According to Bank of America research, it's $70 trillion in foregone economic output, $23 trillion in USD GDP, or $172 trillion in lifetime earnings. Corporations are leaving money on the table regardless of how you look at it. Pressure from company boards and the shareholders are sure to follow because no matter how you look at it DEI failure is performance failure.

So what are leaders to do about a topic that is crucial to their success but has no room in their budgets? The solution - implement the power of design thinking throughout your leadership ranks and unlock the gold inside their employees. This workshop will give you first-hand experience to show you how easily you can accomplish performance goals and DEI goals without spending billions on diversity programs that fail.

What you can expect in this workshop

In this workshop, we will unpack

  • DEI Basics

  • The connection between DEI and design thinking

  • Participate in a mock design team to improve business unit performance

  • Understand through the mock design team experience how leading by design facilitates:

1. employee voices being heard,

2. enables the expression of their unique differences and experiences,

3. creates a culture of belonging and community,

4. produces a purpose beyond daily job function, and

5. builds feelings of being valued for their contributions.

Gather your C-Suite and your leaders in HR and register your team today!


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