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Paul Slater - Co-founder of Billion Minds

Cultivating Potential Episode 16

In this episode, Karen interviews Paul Slater. Paul Slater is the Co-Founder and CEO of BillionMinds, an organization with the mission to help a billion people thrive at unstructured, ambiguous work through practical skills development.

Paul has spent over 25 years working in various technology strategy roles, writing and delivering courseware and books for organizations including Microsoft, Oracle, HP, and Shell. He formed his training and consulting organization before shifting to building large-scale architectures inside enterprises and managing the organizational change associated with adopting new technology.

At Microsoft, Paul designed architectures for portfolio management and cloud computing and consulted with startups and large enterprises (including Telus and GoDaddy) to build their businesses on the Microsoft Cloud. Ultimately he shifted into the Healthcare Technology space and became the CTO for Life Sciences.

Over these years – Paul became increasingly obsessed with what makes people effective by combining secondary research into productivity practices with primary research into the habits of the most effective among us. In 2020 he took a leap of faith and left Microsoft to form BillionMinds so he could help others start every day with motivation and end it with accomplishment.

To connect and learn more

You can connect with Paul on Linkedin, Twitter, and experience Billion Minds software for free.

Also, be sure to connect with host Karen Zeigler on LinkedIn, where she talks about the future of leadership - leading by design—using the innovative leadership principles of design thinking to transform the future of how your company works. You can also check out more of her content on her website and Youtube channel.

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