• Karen Zeigler

Create a Better Future Through Listening - 30 Day Challenge

30-Day Listening Challenge Overview

In June 2020 I conducted a 30 Day Listening Challenge on LinkedIn. Each day consisted of a post that contained a simple listening awareness prompt to improve your ability to listen with empathy. Below is an overview of each day and a hyperlink to the original post.

Day 1: Welcome to the Listening Challenge. An introduction to the way listening enriches our lives and creates positive outcomes.

Day 2: Being Present - the Prerequisite to Listening. A mindful practice for being present.

Day 3: The Biggest Roadblock to Listening. An introduction to the internal roadblock - our ego.

Day 4: Overcoming Judgments to Listen. A look into how our judgments prevent us from listening.

Day 5: Overcoming Resistance to Listening. Exploring the role of our attachments and how they block our ability to listen.

Day 6: Listening Calmly in Conflict. Discovering why it's challenging to listen in conflict and how to disarm the desire to fight back.

Day 7 - The original post was a recap of the previous week. Review days 1 - 6. Which day was easier for you? Which day was the most difficult? What new awareness did you gain about yourself and your ability to listen?

Day 8: How to Tap into the Three Levels of Listening. A description of three levels of listening skills Steve Jobs likely utilized.

Day 9: Constructively Listening to Criticism. A new insight into why people criticize (it's not what you think!) and how to listen in a way that meets their needs.

Day 10: Bravely Listening to Others Emotions. Insight into why listening with empathy is more than a buzz word but the gift the world needs right now.

Day 11: Must-Have Goals for Listening. Unpacked why meetings can be hit or miss in terms of success and shared six goals of listening with the power change meeting outcomes.

Day 12: Creating a Positive Listening Experience. Innovation begins and ends with listening to the user. However, all the emphasis is placed on their experience. This post backs up a step to create a positive listening experience.

Day 13: Bringing Your A-game to Listening. We all want