• Karen Zeigler

5 Ways Companies Can Empower Professionals with AI

Updated: Jul 28

Empower salespeople with AI

Last year I participated in my first open innovation challenge, the TD Ameritrade Innovation Quest. The purpose of the contest was to empower salespeople with artificial intelligence - AI. TDA wanted to enable their financial advisors to achieve greater success and better serve their clients. Specifically, their instructions were:

"discover innovative technology ideas that can transform the way advisors do business and interact with their clients."

There were three winners out of 600 entrants in the contest, and I wasn't one of them. However, it was a blast using my designing thinking skills, and I believe you will find the information I gleaned valuable to empower salespeople through AI. After all, in the world of innovation

There is no failure. You either win or learn.

In the preparations to submit my idea, I did what all design thinkers do - I started with user interviews. My users included the leader from the department that supported advisors, advisors, and customers. Inquisitively, I dug into what was working, what wasn't, and how their experience could be improved. Through this collaboration and identifying key areas and themes, I discovered five ways AI can inspire hope for the future.

AI inspires hope for the future when leaders shift the focus from eliminating positions to empowering people. @KarenZeigler

While your company may not have financial advisors, I believe you'll find it applicable to your sales team, executives, or any high-profile employee role. But before we jump into the five ways, lets dream about how the day of such empowered salesperson would go. Let me tell you the story of David and his superstar AI assistant Betti. Betti, the name I gave my idea, stood for Building Extraordinary Trust Through Intelligence. After all, sales are built on trust.

Sales is not about selling anymore but about building trust and educating. -Siva Devaki

Envision a New Day for the AI-empowered salesperson

A stellar start

David arrives at the office with a smile on his face. He slept extremely well after a busy evening of coaching his daughters soccer game and celebratory dinner after they won. In addition to a contentment with his family life, David had also found a calm in his work life with his new assistant Betti. Normally, his morning commute consisted of anxiously going over the things he mustn't forget on the days agenda. Now, he enjoyed his favorite personal growth podcast. Confident that Betti has everything organized and ready for him to hit the ground running. His morning starts with a meeting to review of all the work that Betti has completed throughout the evening while he was away. Here's a short list of work completed for David's review and execution:
  • Betti starts David's morning by reciting his appointments for the day and the promises he has made to clients to accomplish todays deliverables.

  • Betti has drafted follow-up emails from yesterdays meetings including additional sales brochures, regulatory documentation, and forms for signature..

  • Financial transactions are qued for execution based on prior client meetings.

  • Regarding today's prospect meetings Betti has prepared research, appropriate brochures, import